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BBQ is a fun and has a storied history in the US and throughout the world. In my quest to create the perfect BBQ in my own backyard, I studied and tasted a LOT of BBQ. I began giving others my rubs to see what they thought. A few have emerged as the crowd favorites; but what I learned was how surprised people were that they too could create some pretty awesome BBQ using the right rub and just a few principles.

There are mountains of technique and just as much lore separating the best of the best from all of the rest. But a few simple techniques with *great ingredients* will make your food much better than you ever thought. There is a bunch of science involved with BBQ and grilling beyond the obvious heat and time. Protein and collagen, thermodynamics, bacteria and safety, smoke and heat. PORQular Science has done the homework for you and boiled it down (pun intended) to the basic techniques combined with quality ingredients formulated into distinct and versatile flavor profiles.

I have collected the three crowd favorites from my rub cabinet and put them together in an exciting product for everybody to experience. I have partnered with one of the premier blending houses in the USA to make them for you in a convenient and easy to use format. Whether you give these rubs to your special someone or to yourself, you’re gonna end up eating some good BBQ. And more than just BBQ–but I’ll save that topic for later.

-Pit Master, PORQular Science.

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